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William Clark

William Clark

blood of the prophets, ex- nightshade, ex- marks of sin

William Clark was born on February 28th 1989 and began playing drums on December 25th 1993. At age four he quickly started trying to play songs by the band KISS. At age 9 he began classical training under the accomplished and versatile drummer/instructor, Paul Nieft jr. In 2005 He began his first musical project with band mate Paul Fuzinski, this was the band that evolved into Blood of the Prophets. The band’s first album “A Prayer for Vengeance” was released in September of 2009 and has received many positive reviews that have led to the album being received with open arms by the metal community. William Clark has been noted for his creative, but steady, footwork,his unique cymbal combinations and his odd blast-beat to fill transitions. Blood of the Prophets has continued to please their quickly growing fan base through extensive month-to-month touring schedule. "Soultone Cymbals offer the perfect blend of personality and projection that I find vital in choosing my cymbal set up. I chose Soultone because I was tired of the 'cookie-cutter' approach that many companies use, and I wanted a more 'custom-matched' cymbal. That is what the brand offers." Be sure to catch Blood of the Prophets second full-length release "The Stars of the Sky Hid From Me" due for release in 2017.

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