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Tom Chittock

Tom Chittock

Clarence Oddbody, San Raquel, Independent

Born in 1993, Tom has always had an interest in music; particularly drumming. He got his first kit at the age of 4 and began learning to play from an instructional book/CD set, as well as taking influence from bands such as Steely Dan, Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler and Metallica. At age 11, he started taking drum lessons at secondary school, developing his style and technique over the 7 years that he studied there.

Fresh out of school in 2010, Tom joined his first band ‘Makavalien’, playing thrash metal in and around London, UK for a number of years.

Tom moved onto his second band ‘Palladium Jazz’ in 2012, along with Jasper Osborn, the bassist from Makavalien, playing jazz-fusion music in a slightly smaller pub circuit. During this time, Tom also started uploading drum cover videos to his YouTube channel, in the hopes of gaining some exposure and improving his public performance.

In 2013, Tom and Jasper formed a new band with some friends called ‘The Clays', and shortly after, recorded ‘The High Fidelity EP’ with them, out of their bedrooms.

In late 2014, following the EP release, the band split and Tom joined acoustic rock band ‘Lost in Watts’, which recorded some tracks in the bass player’s home studio.

Hungry for more music action, Tom decided to explore the function band circuit whilst playing with Lost in Watts, in the hopes of making a career out of playing music. The functions were mildly successful, and led to further temporary work with some other acts, including ‘Conor Lane’, but ultimately, they didn’t provide the ‘buzz’ that he was looking for.

In 2017, Lost in Watts begun to fizzle out, due to family commitments, so Tom and frontman Paul joined forces and created the first of Tom’s current bands ‘Clarence Oddbody’ - a hard rock power trio. Clarence has released 4 EPs so far, and is currently working on its 5th.

Tom and Jasper have remained close friends and music allies through, and revisited some of their old songs along the way.

In 2018, Tom joined another full-time band called ‘San Raquel’, playing punk-funk. San Raquel released its debut EP 'Music On my Mind' in October 2020.

In summer 2019, alongside San Raquel guitarist Jordan Hallett, Tom did a brief stint with The Red Hot Chili Peppers Experience – the UK’s No. 1 RHCP tribute band – while their drummer was out of action, following an injury to his hands.

My Soultone Set: 

14” TC Latin Hi-Hats
17” TC Extreme Crash
9” TC Extreme Slash
12” TC Latin Splash
16” TC Extreme Crash
21” TC Natural Prototype Ride