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Rico H.

Rico H.

STONEMAN / AnnA Lux, Division Dark) Live&Studio Drummer

RicoH is a professional drummer based in Switzerland. Born in Zürich in 1980, RicoH plays drums for a living since 1996. He was founder of
the Swiss Drum Academy - the leading drum school in Switzerland. Not only is he a great live and session drummer, he also writes books and runs workshops for drum magazines. Playing live is what he loves the most, but also in the studio sessions (also for big tv & films) he is known for his accuracy and for his professional attitude. With his rock band STONEMAN, RicoH travels the world. With over 120 shows per year, he is one of the busiest drummers in Europe. International specialist ma- gazines interview and report on him on a regular basis.

First: In over 20 years as a professional drummer on tour and in the studio I have tried many different cymbals.
Before I was introduced to Soultone, I liked to play cymbals that sounded good to me from a drummers perspective. But not that great on a PA in a live situation or in the studio.
With Soultone it's different. The cymbals sound great from every point of listeners and players view. It feels like the solution for everything.
In addition, the great choice of tradition and modern sounds I also like very much!

I love the cymbals and I am always thrilled when I put on another cymbal from my collection during a production. It’s just every time a new Wow-Effect!

As a working drummer I just say, that they are simply the best cymbals for me and I can highly recommend them without hesitation!
Another great plus is the durability which is enormous. When you are playing loud and are on tour a lot, this is a pretty good argument.

I am supported in all possible matters, which I appreciate very much. A very friendly and professional relationship. From the distributor to the entire team and last but not least with Iki! Good Material is important, but the people behind it are for me just as, if not more important!
10 out of 10 points!


My Soultone Set: 

16“ Natural Prototype Hi Hats
16“ Custom Brilliant Crash
18“ FXo12 Crash
Special HIHAT 16“ Top: FXo12 J Buttom: FXO12