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Ole Jan Andersen

Ole Jan Andersen

Name : Ole Jan Andersen
Nickname : OJ
Born in 1965
Nationality : Danish
Band : Any Colour You Like - A Tribute To Pink Floyd

Manager / Booker :
Lars Olesen - www.SupportEvent.dk

HomePage :

Instagram : https://instagram.com/anycolour.dk?igshid=1viwm3avdd75d

I’ve been playing since I was 8 years old. I’ve played live and personally ever since I started.

I have work with a professional band “Zididada” the last 10 years, next to my own career
I have been to all festivals in Denmark with the band as stage manager and sound engineer

Now I’m playing in a band called
Any Colour You Like - A Tribute To Pink Floyd “the last 4 years......
And I must say this Extreme Series from Soultune Cymbals fits so well to the Pink Floyd Music we are playing....
The sound is so fantastic, the tune of the Cymbals is perfect, and a dark sound that i Like very much....

these are definitely some lovely Cymbals, and I can highly recommend Soultune Cymbals to other drummers, here you really get something good for your money.

Recording a CD / drums in the band Life Time Warranty ( Rock Music ) in 2004 - Ark Studio in Copenhagen

I am a social worker, In my freetime i Educate children in music and of course drum lessons.

See you ! out there

My Soultone Set: 

24” Extreme Ride
22” Extreme Ride
14" Extreme Wave Hi Hat
14” Extreme Crash
16” Extreme Crash
18” Extreme Crash
8" Extreme Splash
10” Extreme Splash
20” Extreme China

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