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Born in 1984, Nafeez spent most of his life in Bangladesh, growing up in a very conservative yet supportive family and friends, his parents emphasized that education and academics came first while music would take second place in his life. While Nafeez’s parents served in the Navy, his upbringing and daily routine were highly regulated, things had to be on scheduled and on time, providing the discipline and time he needed to dedicate himself to education and music. As it was challenging for Nafeez, yet, with immense dedication and determination he was able to achieve parallel achievements 1) complete his higher education and 2) become a professional musician.
Nafeez completed his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from North South University, Bangladesh in 2007, then in 2009 graduated from Brunel University completing a Master of Science in Marketing. Additionally, when Nafeez is not touring or recording, as an Assistant Professor of Marketing he teaches at the Daffodil International University, Dhaka,

In his own words, Nafeez, started practicing in 1999, he and a few of his school friends formed a band and called themselves “Kronic”. From the start, the band wanted their own sound and differentiated themselves as an “Alternative Rock Band” and mostly played underground shows. The band released its first album in 2005, titled “Asroy” through a local record label G-Series. The recording session took place in Dhanmondi, Dhaka at Bassbaba’s studio, with the producer, Saidus Khaled Sumon a.k.a Bassbaba - also a renowned artist in Bangladesh. The album was not widely distributed and sold approximately 5000 copies – not counting pirate copies and illegal downloads. After his first album, Nafeez joined another band called “Raaga” and became their lead drummer, the band released an album in 2006 which sold over 100,000 copies.

In 2008, Nafeez decided to take a break and continue his higher education, he moved to London, United Kingdom for a few years. Then in 2011, Nafeez came back to Bangladesh and got his big break when he joined a prominent rock band called “Arbovirus”, in 2012 he became their permanent drummer. At the time, Arbovirus was well established in the underground music scene, seeking for a breakthrough, with the addition of Nafeez as their drummer, they finally managed to form a stable band line-up -this became a turning point.
In 2013, Arbovirus released their second album “Montobbo Nishproyojon”, the album was released and tracks were freely distributed to promote the album. Initially the tracks were available through online downloads and the following streaming platforms: iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. The album earned praises and became an instant hit throughout the country. Two tracks in particular stood out - “Hariye Jao” and “Jaalo Agun Jaalo”. “Jaalo Agun Jaalo” song became the voice of a Youth Nation in Bangladesh, instantly Arbovirus became a household name, with cult-like followers and taglines such as “#infected”. With the album success, touring and show requests increased, along with air time on TV, Radio appearances and live open-air shows, all these combined, kept the band extremely busy and visible. Arbovirus performed over 70 live shows in 2015 throughout the country, with live open-air performances with over 50,000+ attendance/audience. Additionally, Arbovirus conducted numerous appearances during seasonal concerts and events like Joy Bangla Concert, TV shows and Radio Live performances - Desh TV, SATV, ETV, BTV, NTV, Radio Foorti, Radio Next, Radio Dhol, People’s Radio, Radio Today etc.

Arbovirus experienced tremendous popularity and increased momentum after their 3rd album which was released in 2016. Another trademark track titled “School”, shot them to greater fame and the song became the new anthem for any “friends or family” gathering/re-union events. During 2017, Arbovirus performed 87 Live Shows. Growing up from and underground “grunge” to mainstream recognition and staple of Bangladesh Rock Band.

Currently, the band is working on their 4th album, diligently recording and producing new material targeting April 2019 for the release, partnering with Grameenphone Music App, the album will be produced by Arbovirus at Studio Funk Noodle in Uttara, Dhaka. The band has teamed up with GP Music, a music streaming APP by Grameenphone, as a partnership, APP has dedicated an unusual marketing budget for large marketing campaign, promotion activities and distribution. Embracing new media format such as streaming media, Rockumentaries and HD Music Track Videos will most likely launch Arbovirus into an iconic band of Bangladesh.

As Arbovirus popularity grows outside of Bangladesh, mainly India and West Bengal, the band is planning to perform at an international level, therefore, several English tracks are in the making. The band is in a good place and continues to grow and experiment with various forms and music genre.

Besides being the lead drummer for Arbovirus, Nafeez plays for Elita Karim, a renowned singer in Bangladesh since 2012. 2019 will be a very prolific year for Nafeez, with new tracks, a new album release and national and international performances.

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