There was a shed. Most of us have a metaphorical “shed” where we go to learn. It could be a school, a library, a laboratory or whatever. For Murph Caicedo the shed was a shed. It was in his backyard. It was a place where the vision of becoming a “real” drummer first took hold. For some of us, especially at an early age, these forays don’t last long, don’t mean much. For Murph it was the opposite. If it had not been for family and friends shaking him back into daily responsibilities, he would likely still be out there hammering away, perfecting his craft.
At 17 years of age, Murph began to play in his first “professional” band, Probable Cauz. They got plenty of local gigs. Unfortunately however, Murph had to wait outside in between sets because he wasn’t old enough to be in the bar yet. The seed was planted though and turning back was no longer an option. Murph has played in countless bands since then (as many as 8 at one time!). That could seem crazy to most of us, but when you are Murph Caicedo and there’s no doubt that drumming is why you are on the earth, it’s easy.
Fast Forward to today, Murph has toured with, and played on records for artists that run the gamut. Of course he’s recorded with many of his own bands, but also with every other style of musical artist there is. He’s played the blues with Mr. Sipp and Grady Champion, soul with Liz Stroud, pop with Brian Fuente, punk rock with the Tuff Luvs, Americana with Jason Turner Band and Bloodbird Harrington, metal with Redneck Trucker and A Bullet Well Spent, and at least 40 other recording projects too numerable to list.
Murph just finished recording the 3rd album with Spacewolf, a band he helped to found. His other “main gig” these days is Framing the Red. Maybe you’ve heard about them…1.6 million+ views on YouTube and all.
For the past 10 years, Murph has been a session drummer and Assistant Engineer at the world renowned Malaco Records located in Jackson, MS. He has also been the Musical Director for Skate MS, a non-profit in his hometown of Jackson MS that promotes healthy lifestyles for young people through skating. Murph has done time at Belhaven University, on their faculty, as a percussionist/accompanist for their very well respected dance department. Murph has also been a judge at Guitar Center’s annual “Drum-off” competition on multiple occasions.
Murph is currently endorsed by Soultone Cymbals (a company that “gets it”). He plays the following Soultone products: 15” Extreme Hi-Hats, (2) 22” Extreme Crash, (1) 20” Extreme Crash & (1) 22” Extreme Ride Cymbal.
It all began with spending countless hours listening, rewinding and listening again, then bashing it out to the likes of Tony Williams, John Bonham, Jimmy Chamberlain, Neal Peart, Billy Cobham, and Brad Elrod. Nowadays he easily fits onto that list of names as a contemporary. If you like real, musician style, drummers that shun the use of studio trickery, then Murph is your guy and I’m sure if you can hack it, he’d invite you too. Get in the van. Get in the shed.


My Soultone Set: 

20" Extreme Crash
22" Extreme Crash
22" Extreme Ride
15" Extreme Hi Hat Pair