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Mike Fahrni / Mr.Killjoy

Mike Fahrni / Mr.Killjoy

Mr.Killjoy is an independent Swiss drummer who joined the Soultone Family in 2015. Drum teacher and studio drummer, he played more than 350 live shows all across the Europe with several rock bands since 2008 and recorded plenty of rock albums with swiss artists. Very influenced by showmen drummers, Mr.Killjoy puts a particular attention to the visual effect of his drumming with a lot of stick tricks and craziness on the drums. He’s also guitarist-singer for the band Seriously Serious. Producer of the rock band Walldown and promoter for the Corn’Rock Festival. The music is not a part of his life…it is his life.

He found in Soultone the perfect cymbal sound he always searched for.


Official website : http://mrkilljoy.com
YouTube Channel : https://youtube.com/user/mrkilljoyofficial
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mr.killjoyofficial/

My Soultone Set: 

14'' Hi Hat Custom Brilliant
10'' Splash Custom Brilliant
18'' Crash Custom Brilliant
18'' Crash Custom Brilliant RA
19'' Crash-Ride Custom Brilliant
20'' Ride Custom Brilliant
20'' China Custom Brilliant

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