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Manny Rivas

Manny Rivas

Hailing from Monterey California with a forte in the style of but not limited to in Rock, Metal, Blues, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Manuel received his first drum set when he was 8. Having demolished the set, his parents got rid of it and being a kid had many sparks of interests. By the time middle school was coming to an end, skateboarding was one of the fun things to do. Being exposed to the high-energy sounds of Disturbed, System of a Down, Pantera, Drowning Pool, Slipknot, Megadeth, Metallica, Korn, Godsmack and Alice in Chains. Having heard that and feeling it for the first time awoke the demon inside. Wanting to be a singer/guitar player at first wasn’t quiet working out. Till the day to discover the drum set and further more a hidden talent has surfaced. Having a natural free flowing ability to getting around the drums. After that experience, it was a no brainer what career he wanted to pursue.

Every Christmas, Birthday, and even New Years he had asked for a drum set. By the time he was 17, he had received a hand me down CB700 (Standard 5 piece) joining a band the same week. Enrolling in Lessons with Seinin Markee at Wise Music after a week and later begun to work at the shop upon completion of high school. Putting in a good five years of gaining knowledge and experience by setting up drum clinics, learning about gear, working with professional musicians, going to NAMM Shows. In those six years of extensive training and studying, most of which learned by watching others and the help of two amazing teachers and good friends. Seinin Markee, Tim Burk, and Andy Weis.

From rehearsal to the stage he has always had a fire when he played. A very raw sound and it reflected in the music he performed, but is able to shape it to suit any application. Having played bars sense the age 17 he quickly learned the ropes of networking and advancing to the next level was a constant thing. Having played with bands such as Leaving Ground, Counter Clockwise, Sup-Herb, Starving For Gravity, The Night Lighters, and the latest project Bio-Fuel.

Exclusively uses Soultone Cymbals.