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Kevin "Pocket" Paige

Kevin "Pocket" Paige

Tre’sure Brown ( Lead Singer for LTD ) , Mark Nelson ( lead singer of (Az Yet) , T-Low lead singer of (Next)

Kevin "Pocket" Paige out of the laid back streets of sunny Southern CA, discovered his musical purpose early on in life.
From drumming on pillows to pots and pans, and even on Encyclopedias, he would hit anything to make noise, and got on everyone's nerves in the process. He got his start playing in his family's church "Friendly Will Missionary Baptist Church" in the heart of Los Angeles, CA on 68th and Central. This is where he learned how to tune and play the drums at the early age of 4. On his 7th birthday, as a gift, he received his first drum kit. The drums became second nature to him as he sat in the front row seat of the church every Sunday listening to his teacher Maurice Champ.
It stayed with him as he grew up. He was eating, sleeping, and dreaming music. He harnessed his talent and practiced, fueling his passion and drive to master his art. The people around him began to notice that with each hit to the snare, the cymbals, the kick and the tom; the sound would come to life and he couldn't be ignored.
Although he was rooted and grounded in Southern CA, in the cities, music and culture, Kevin had his sights set on a more competitive, more lucrative, more exciting place: Las Vegas.
Las Vegas would be where he would get the nick name "Pocket" because of his ability to mirror songs and keep the beat using only his hands and feet. Once settled in Las Vegas, he began working with some of the greatest bands, musicians and artists.
When asked about his motivation, he said:
"...All I knew, is that I wanted to be a drummer and I was willing to do whatever I needed to, to be successful at it..."
Over the course of the last 20 years, he has certainly made his mark on the Las Vegas musical community, drumming his way in and out of each showroom and lounge while leaving that special imprint on each lighted stage.
He's played with so many R&B, gospel and rock artists, too many to list, however he's played with the likes of:
The Coasters, R&B Artist Jon B, R&B Artist Al B Sure, Jason White of the "Purple Reign" Prince Tribute Show, Joey Fatone of N'Sync, Mary Williams of "The Supremes" Skye D. Miles, singer and performer on the Las Vegas Strip and Phil Flowers.
He currently plays with "In- A- Fect" under the leadership of Larry White former guitarist of "The Whispers" and former musical director for R&B artist Bobby Brown and R&B Sensation New Edition and at the House of Blues Sunday after Sunday for the "Kirk Franklin Gospel Sunday Brunch" under the leadership of Detroit's own Patti Pennington.
Those who hear him play understand the magnitude of the God given gift he has. While every instrument is important, the drum is the pulse that brings the music to life.
Las Vegas is the platform, international is the goal.
This is the life and times of Kevin "Pocket" Paige.

My Soultone Set: 

1. Vintage Old School Ride 20" 50cm Painted
2. Custom Ride 20” 50cm
3. Vintage Hi Hats Pair 14"
4. Extreme 16" Crash
5. Extreme 19" Crash
6. FXO-12 17" Effect Crash
7. FXO-05 10" Effect splash
8. Extreme 06" Splash
9. Extreme 10" Splash
10. Hand Hammer 16” Crash
11. Hand Hammer 17” Crash
12. Hand Hammer 19” Crash
13. FXO 6 12” 30cm Splash
14. Explosion 12” 30cm Splash
15. Heavy Hammered/Natural Hybrid Prototype Cymbal 22" Ride