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Jonathan Haessler was born on June 6 1985 in Colmar (France). At the age of 5, he
showed a marked interest for the rhythm, and started to study with Benoît MOERLEN, (a
respected percussionist who has worked with Mike Oldfield, Gong, and Gongzilla amongst
others) and who subsequently introduced a group of young pupils to percussive music,
which encouraged Jonathan to take up drumming. Jonathan has the opportunity to see
great drummers such as Terry Bozzio, Robin DiMaggio, Billy Cobham and André
Ceccarelli, and he considers a drum kit to be an independently-functioning pure musical
instrument, which he makes ‘sing’ in its own fashion. Furthermore, Benoît Moerlen tailored
his course of study to the needs of his pupil, which included encouraging him to improvise
in order to enrich and further his studies.

After passing his Baccalaureate examination, he devoted his time to practical
instrumental study, following the courses offered by Denis RIEDINGER (Timpani),
Emmanuel SEJOURNE (Keyboard), Stephan FOUGEROUX (Snare drums and multiple
percussion instruments) and Thomas VANDEVENNE (Jazz) at the National Music Conservatory of
Strasbourg, yet still remaining faithful to his first love – drumming.

• He obtained the First Prize in Percussion and the First Prize in Chamber Music in March
2006, followed by his Diploma in Musical Studies in 2007.
• Since September 2006 he has continued to study drums with Franck AGULHON.
• He has played with the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra.
• As a professional drummer, he is currently playing with the percussion group Triomino
(D. Riedinger, Y. Giuliani, J. Haessler), with RODS, Antydot', Matthieu Spehner...
• In 2006, he composed "Face à Face"; a duet for multiple percussion instruments, and
published by François Dhalmann.
• In 2008, he composed "Another Town" for drums – both solo and duet – also published
by François Dhalmann.
• He has played on two DVD's of french magazine « Batterie Plus Magazine »
• In 2011, he has recorded the CD/DVD of Triomino.
• In 2013, "Face à face part 2" is published by François Dhalmann.
• He has recorded other CD's, with RODS, Antydot, Benoît Moerlen, O:R, Matthieu
Spehner ...

Jonathan Haessler is a teacher of percussion in many regional Music Schools, and is
available to advise and teach both individuals or ensembles who wish to get in touch with

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