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Edwin "NEPY" Maldonado

Edwin "NEPY" Maldonado

Whereas some musicians spend countless years attending music classes in order to learn how
to play an instrument to the best of their ability, others are born with natural rhythm in their souls
and exude that with every beat they play. Edwin “Nepy” Maldonado is among those lucky fewthat
are naturally gifted in all aspects of the music business. This self-taught musician’s humble
beginnings started in his hometown of Trenton, NJ, where he quickly gained a name for himself
as the local 4-year old “rubio” (blondie) with a passion for latin percussion. As he mastered each
instrument with each passing year of his adolescence (bongos, congas & timbales), his quest for
knowledge grewand he began to experiment with more instruments (piano and bass), as well as
arranging songs. This passion for learning and music continued into his young adulthood, during
which he produced, promoted, and released his first production at the tender age of 16 entitled
“Chupacabra”. He has earned the respect of his peers in music scene, and by the age of 19, he
was also directing his own orchestra of veteran musicians involved in the musical genre of salsa.
Year after year, the demands continue to growfor this freelance
musician/singer/producer/arranger in the Tri-State area (NewYork City, Pennsylvania,
NewJersey), which has allotted him to share the stage and projects with Grammy nominated
artists and those of which are signed to labels such as Sony Codisco. In a business where
respect and loyalty guarantees continued work, Edwin “Nepy” has achieved that goal and much
more, as well as continues to break musical boundaries as the CEO of Karibe Music Group.
Nepy released his 1st three song single as an solo artist ("Nada Cambiara Mi Amor Por Ti,
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You & De Ti Depende"). Nowknown as a lead vocalist
and sonero among his peers!! Nepy left the secular scene in 2015 to pursue his love for God.
Sharing his talent for the Lord. He, since then, released three christian salsa singles "Jesus El
Nazareno" Feat. Raffy Cruz & David Colon, "You Are My God" & "Manteniendo La Fe" Feat.
Kevin Ceballo.
The following is a list of bands/artists with whom Edwin “Nepy” has had the pleasure of sharing
the stage as a musician/vocalist, and some accomplishments of his musical productions:
Musicians played alongside with Live/Studio include: Curtis Rodriguez, Jeffery Lopez, Joseph
Rodriguez, Eric Velez, Ray Colon, Erik "Keki" Piza, Orlando Vega, Mariano Medina, Dominique
Patrick Noel, Victor Pablo, Robert Vilera, Hector Rosado, Willie Torres, Willie Moreno, Jhair
Sala, Eduardo Padua, Gary Sosias, Tito Alvarez, Richie Flores, Roby Ameen, Benny
Maldonado, Edwin “Pirulo” Reyes, Edgardo Cintron, etc.
Segui’s Salsa D’ Barrio Project Steady, 2020
(Percussion Vocals)
Edgar Joel–Steady,2010-2019(Timbales)
Frankie Negron–Freelance,2003&2013(Congas)
Willie Moreno–Freelance,2010(Congas)
Mambo Lebron Orchestra–Steady,2008-2014(Congas)
Giro Lopez–Freelance,2004(Bongo)
Raulin Rosendo–Freelance,2011(Bongo)
Cheo Andujar(ConjuntoChaney)–Freelance,2011(Bongo)
Joseph Rodriguez & LatinAllStars–Freelance,2011-2012(Congas/Timbales/Bongo/Vocals)
Edgardo Cintron & The Cintron Band–Steady,2012-2020(Congas/Bongo/Vocals)
Michael Stuart-Freelance,2012(Bongo)
Pablo Batista & The Mambo Syndicate -
2014-2020(Vocals & Percussion)
Encounter Worship (NJ)-Steady,2015-Present(Piano,Bass,Drums,Percussion,Vocals)
2020 - Segui’s Salsa D’ Barrio Project - “Mi Barrio Querido” - Karibe Music Group LLC - {Full
Percussion, Vocals, Arranger, Producer)
2018 Dominique Patrick Noel - "Desde Que Te Conoci" - DoPaNo Music - (Lead Vocalist,
Percussionist, Arranger & Composer)
2018 Joe Cartagena - "Can You Stand The Rain" (Salsa Remix) - JC Records/Karibe Music Group LLC -
(Percussionist, Background Vocals, Arranger, Producer)
2 016/2017 Nepy Maldonado (Christian Salsa) - Karibe Music LLC - (Executive
Producer/Musical Producer/Arranger/Percussionist/Vocalist
2013 Nepy Maldonado (Salsa Project) - Karibe Music Group LLC - (Executive
Producer/Musical Producer/Percussionist/Lead Singer
2012 Dynasty (Salsa Project – ) – Karibe Music Group LLC – (Executive
Producer/Producer/Arranger/Full Percussion)
2011 Tony Maldonado – “Ven y Baila Conmigo” - TM Productions – (Background
2010 Rolando Sanchez Y Salsa Hawaii (Hawaii USA) - RSC Music Hawaii
2010 Manny C – “Ha Llegado La Hora” – MMC Records
(Producer/Arranger/Full Percussion/Vocals)
2010 Stephen “PAC-MAN” Tirpak - “Deep In The Merengue” Instructional CD - Pac Man
Music (Full Percussion/Minor Percussion)
2008 Grupo Milenio – “El Swing De Hoy, Con El Sabor De Ayer” - Karibe Music Group LLC
– (Executive Producer/Producer/Arranger/Full Percussion),
2008 Stephen “PAC-MAN” Tirpak – “Deep In The Salsa” Instructional CD - Pac Man Music
(Full Percussion/Minor Percussion)
2007 Edwin Lebron -“Mi Tiempo” - EML Records (Full
2004 Orq. JCS – Demo –
2004 Edwin Lebron – “Step Into My World” - EML Records – (Arranger/Full
2000 Grupo Milenio - “Mi America” EP - Karibe Music Group LLC –
(Executive Producer/Producer/Arranger/Full Percussion)
1993 Nuevo Sonido – “En Navidad” EP - EMJ Records

Absolutely love these cymbals, prices are great, the sound is unique and crisp. I've played other cymbals but the sound on Soultone Cymbals are  with no doubt way better.
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