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Asami is an incomparable artist for her expressiveness and dynamics. She plays from powerful and tight groove which no one can guess from her looks to delicate ballads.She started learning Jazz dance from 3 years old, the drums from 5, the piano from 6, the percussions from 10. And from 10 years old, she began to offer her lyrics and songs as a singer-songwriter. She showed distinguished talents from when she was a child, and have various activities in various fields.
Also, she is an artist who rises above current music like Rock, Funk, Pop, R&B, Dance Music, Latin, ethnic, World Music, Jazz, and Fusion. For example, she collaborated with Japanese traditional instruments like Koto, Shakuhachi, and Taiko.
Her performance and music include factors of various music and she makes her own world. As a multi-artist, her activities are not only percussion player, drummer, singer songwriter, but also radio DJ, model, dancer, producer. Besides, she is requested to support many famous artists’ live performance and recording.
In 2006, she had a tour and visited South Africa, Singapore, Vietnam, and Kenia and performed as a percussion player, drummer, vocal, and dancer with foreign artists. In South Africa, she did choreography, staging, lecture of Japanese Taiko drums and appeared on some radio programs.
In 2012, she played with TM Stevens, and released ‘Gimme Shelter’ and it was well received in the world. Other than that, she has experiences to perform with world famous artists, and does various activities in the world as well as in Japan.

*Born: January 10 in Tokyo, Japan
*Height: 147cm (4 ft 10 in)
*Genre: Rock, Pop, R&B, Latin, World music, Jazz, Fusion
*Instruments: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Occupations: Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Model, Dancer(Jazz, Lock, Hip-Hop),
Dance producer


*Asami&Maduros / "Eres mi aomr" (debut CD single/performed percussion and vocals) <1996>
*Asami / "Tell Me Your Dance" (tied-in for TV-commercial :"Hakkeijima Sea Paradise") <2002>
*Asami & PLANET VII / "Intihuatana" <2004>
*Join Join (Asami&Masahiro Nitta) / "2nd Birthday" <2005 >
*Asami / "10's Memorys" <2007>
*Choice / "Choice" <2007>
*Asami / "Fantasista" (CD+DVD album) <2009>
*Asami / "Tomorrow" (i-tunes distribution))
*Asami / "GimmeShelter" (i-tunes distribution)
-Sound Produce & Arrangement, Drums, Percussions, Vocals and Chorus by Asami
-Bass by TM Stevens
-Percussions by Latyr Sy

*Papaya Suzuki with Oyaji Dancers (avex) / " Zetsurin-tour 2001 Iku-toki-wa-Issho " <2001>
*Takumi (Sony Music) <2005>
*Makoto Tsubasa / "Luminous" (album) <2005>
*Sayaka kamizono / "Remember ~ Stadium-e-no-michi ~" <2005>
*Abe Natsumi / "Concert Tour 2008 Autumn"Angelic" <2008>
*Abe Natsumi / "Yappari-Sneakers-Ga-Suki" <2009>
*YUZO KAYAMA / “WAKADAISYO- Shonan Forever” <2012>

<Nation-Wide Tour>

“Papaya Suzuki with Oyaji Dancers / "Oyaji de Hakuhinkan" <1999>
“Papaya Suzuki with Oyaji Dancers / "Oyaji DISCO de" <2000>
“Papaya Suzuki with Oyaji Dancers / "Zetsurin-tour 2001 Iku-toki-wa-Issho" <2001>
"choice" Live <2002>
“The concert for music promotion, which was organized by JASRAC
(=Japanese Society for Rights of Authors,Composers and Publisher’s) <2006>
“Abe Natsumi / " Acoustic ~ Autumn Special Live 2007" <2007>
“Abe Natsumi / "Summer acoustic tour 2008" <2008>
“Abe Natsumi / " Acoustic Nacci~ Autumn Special Live 2008" <2008>
“Abe Natsumi / "Yappari-Sneakers-Ga-Suki" <2009>
"Wells in Benin / "charity LIVE, in collaboration with local artists. <2007>
“JERO / "secret live" <2008>
“JERO / "ICHI-GO-ICHI-E" the tour” <2009>
“JERO / "ON-KO-CHI-SHIN" Tour” <2010>
“Asami / Birthday Solo Concert (at Tokyo FM Hall)” <2011>
“URANUS / 5Years LIVE” <2011>
“YUZU / “LOVE in Action Meeting" <2011>
" Shonan-kara- Message-wo " charity festival at Kugenuma kaigan <2011>
"WAKADAISHO-SHONAN FOREVER" <2012> and many others
“KAYAMA YUZO/“53th Tour MESSAGE<2013-2014>”

"Papaya Suzuki with Oyaji Dancers", "Natsumi Abe", "Kaori Iida", “Yasuda Kei", "Mari Yaguchi",
“JERO”, ”Shimizu Saki”, ”Reina Tanaka”, ”Sayumi Michishige”, ”Yuzo Kayama”, and many others

<Collaborated with Japanese Traditional Musical Instruments>
Asami performed with koto (=Japanese zither), shakuhachi (=Japanese bamboo flute),
Shamisen (=Three-stringed Japanese instrument), Okinawa Shamisen (=Three-stringed
Japanese instrument, made in Okinawa), Kokyu (=Chinese violin), and taiko (=Japanese
Drum) performers.

*URANUS / “5Years LIVE”
*Takumi (Sony Music) and more..

Asami performed many live concerts with PETER ORWA BAND in Republic of Seychelles, Singapore, Vietnam and ranging Kenya to South Africa in 2006.
(Drums, Percussions, Vocals and Dance by Asami)

* "Fight songs NEC Rockets" ~song for V-League volleyball team~
* "SHIRU-WO-TANOSHIMU" ~song for NHK TV program~
*"Remember ~ Stadium-e-no-michi ~" (Crown Records)
(ORICON Japan single chart ranked No.2)
* “Sora-iro no-tubasa” ~song for J-League soccer team : Sanfrecce~

*"Gabisan-dennki" (musical: produced by Eiichiro Funakoshi in 1998)

*"Blood Brothers" (musical: produced by Johnny)
*"Cabaret" (Broadway musical) and many others..

*Asami organized the live concerts involving artistic dancing in 2006 as a choreographer and she also danced along with the many staff in Republic of Seychelles, Singapore, Vietnam and ranging Kenya to South Africa.

and many others..

*"SEGA" and many others..

* " Asami –no-MUSIC BOX " (FM radio :MUSIC BIRD -regular program-)

*Photographer named Mr. Arahata’s works
*"Combat monthly magazine"
*"Arms monthly magazine"
*SEGA / "MC STUDIO” and many others..

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