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Anthony (Tony) Tenaglier

Anthony (Tony) Tenaglier

The kNowhere kidS

Anthony (Tony) Tenaglier was raised in New Hampshire, and is the drummer in the New England rock band The kNowhere kidS. His philosophy in the approach towards drumming derived from his process engineering work at an aerospace manufacturing company. Through the application of both practical and theoretical considerations in material science engineering, his world is not simply through the lens of atoms colliding at the atomic scale to produce vibrations and energy in the world, but also percussive vibration and energy through the drums. The work: philosophical engineering. The medium: the drums. The sound: vibrations of thought. The soul then becomes filled with vibrant tones.

My Soultone Set: 

24" Custom Ride
18" Custom Crash
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
16" Custom Crash
14" Custom Hi hats
18" Custom China