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Alex Hertler

Alex Hertler

Adam and the Metal Hawks

Alex is the drummer of the band Metal Hawks. Metal Hawks had some success of its own, including the presentation of three original songs in the movie, Malevolence 3, before teaming up with Adam, a finalist on American Idol. The band, Adam and the Metal Hawks (AMH), signed with Illogical Records in August of 2019 and released its first album in April of 2020. The band was scheduled for a 2020 summer European tour, but then the pandemic hit. AMH made the best of a bad situation by blowing up on TikTok. Alex and his band have been featured in Rolling Stone (Germany), The Wall Street Journal, Loudwire magazine, WPIX’s afternoon show “Right This Minute”, and Australia’s Studio 10 morning show, and celebrated by celebrities such as Sharon Osbourne, John Fogerty, Dana White, and Johnny Knoxville to name a few.

There are many aspects that sets Soultone cymbals apart from other brands I have tried in the past. The cymbals deliver a very full sound and easily project at live shows while being lighter than previous cymbals I have used.

I love Soultone cymbals for always consistently sounding great on stage. They have great attack and most importantly they feel good hitting them.

Soultone cymbals are better than other cymbals simply due to their quality and reliability. I always know they will sound great while playing them. They have a richer, more complex sound, brighter tone and allow for higher dynamic range.

Every drummer should try Soultone cymbals because of their top quality sound and reliability. They make every drummer’s sound more dynamic.

Soultone cymbals allow me to be more expressive with my cymbal playing and create tones I would otherwise not be able to create.

Soultone cymbals artist relations are great. The people at Soultone are all amazing people and provide an open line of communication.

My Soultone Set: 

Abby Cymbal pack
14" Hi Hats
16" Crash
18" Crash
20" Ride