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From Celebrity Rehab to the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, Adler marks
a new beginning for legendary drummer Steven Adler (Guns N
Roses). The collective foursome known as Adler is comprised of
Steven Adler, frontman Jacob Bunton (Lynam, Mars Electric),
guitarist Lonny Paul (Adler’s Appetite), and Johnny Martin (Chelsea
Adler came together after a chance meeting with Bunton and Paul at
The Key Club in Hollywood, CA. “I was in town for a friends
memorial” states Bunton. “I was at a club on the strip with my friend
Jay Ruston. He told me he wanted me to meet with a couple of the
Adler’s Appetite guys to discuss a new project. He introduced me to
Lonny and we hit it off immediately. The next day Lonny and Steven
came to my hotel room and we sat around and talked music for hours.
We got together and jammed a couple of days later and the chemistry
was amazing!”
“I put together Adler’s Appetite to play the old Guns N Roses songs
for the fans” states Steven Adler. “While we were on the road last
year, Lonny gave me a CD with some amazing songs that he had
written. It really lit a fire inside me to start creating again. We
immediately started looking for a singer, but after trying out several
candidates, we got a little discouraged. I wanted someone with a
dynamic range that had their own sound and style. Just when we
thought we had hit a brick wall looking for a singer, Lonny called me
one night and said he had just met Jacob and that he was our guy. As
soon as I met Jacob and heard him sing, I knew that I had found the
singer I had been looking for.”
"I had been playing guitar for Steven in Adler’s Appetite for about six
months" explains Paul. "Steven decided to end Adler’s Appetite and
focus on a new project from scratch. We were looking for a singer
with a unique voice and a broad range. Jay suggested Jacob and said
we should meet. It’s funny because when I pulled up to The Key Club
that night, I saw Jacob outside and said to my friend ‘that dude is a
total rockstar, I wonder if he can sing.’ When Jay called him over to
meet me, I thought this is meant to be. Jacob is exactly the frontman
that we had been looking for.”
For the next few months Bunton and Paul worked on writing new
material. In January, the band began recording their debut album with
producer Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner) and mixer Jay Ruston
(Anthrax, Steel Panther, The Donnas). “The Chemistry between all of
us is amazing” says Bunton. “The recording process has been an
awesome experience. We’re not relying on computers and auto tune
to fix everything. We’re totally going by feel and capturing the raw
energy of the songs. It’s a real rock n roll album, performed by a
band, with a real human element.”
Adler’s debut album Back From The Dead features guest
performances from Steven Adler’s former Guns N Roses bandmate
Slash as well as Rob Zombie / Ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5.
“I haven’t been this excited about my band since the Guns N Roses
days” states Adler. “I’m so excited for everyone to hear this record!”
Back From The Dead was released through New Ocean Media 11/26.
Adler - Left to
Right: Lonny
Paul, Steven
Adler, Jacob
Bunton, Johnny
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