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Krishna Kanhaiya Dasa

Krishna Kanhaiya Dasa

Jazz Muda Indonesia

Krishna Kanhaiya Dasa, a 14 years old from Bali Indonesia, has been playing drum since 3 years old. The young drummer had started playing with the Balawan Batuan Ethnic Fusion at the age of 9. Balawan, the leader of the band, is known as “Magic Finger Touch tapping style double neck Guitar”. Kanhaiya’s first tour (with Balawan) was at the famous Jakarta Kota tua jazz festival, in Indonesia. This was a beginning to his tours to other countries, such as: Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Since then, Kanhaiya has also been playing with the legendary bassist from Indonesia, Indro Hardjodikoro. Indro had created this band in 2017 called Jazz Muda Indonesia, a jazz trio. The band consists of Kanhaiya, Yongky Nathanael(a keyboard player) and Indro. Their first album together named “Meet Some Friends” was played at the biggest jazz festival in the world called “Java Jazz Festival“. Jazz Muda Indonesia also played with Steve Thornton (the percussionist for Michael Jackson, Miles Davis and lots more) at the World Youth Jazz festival KL Malaysia

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