Soultone Cymbals and Crush Drums - Full drum set and cymbals! Free Shipping*


Crush Chameleon
CCB500 (kit in the video)
· 22x20 kick
· 16x14 floor
· 12x8 tom
· 10x7 tom
· 14x6 snare

Double Braced Hardware Pack
· Hi hat
· Straight stand
· Boom stand
· Snare stand
· Bass drum pedal

· Available in black, white and blue sparkle
· 7 ply birch/ basswood shells
· Double 45 bearing edges w/ slight round over
· Remo heads
· Powder coated hardware
· 2 point bass drum spurs
Drum heads by Remo.
Pair of drumsticks.

Soultone Cymbals Abby Cymbal Pack:
A special edition handmade B20 cymbal pack from Soultone Cymbals, the Abby cymbals offer a rich, dark signature sound, with Thinner lathing and a Raw Bell,
to provide a sweeter tone for nearly any style of music. AVAILABLE SIZES: Ride: 20", Crash 16", Hi Hats: 14" with a free cymbal bag in a designed box.

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