Zach Motes

Zach Motes

Milltown Road

Zach Motes, of Jacksonville, Florida, took an early facination with drums, watching his uncle play, in their garage. Years later, at about 11 years old, he began to play drums, himself. His first set was an old hand-me-down kit, from his uncle. Zach had a hunger to learn, and would spend hours listening to, and mimicking songs. At 13 years old, Zach joined his first band, and from there, drumming has been his focus. A hard working, and dedicated musician, for the next 10 years, he continued to learn, grow, and develop his own unique style. Through different bands, solo work, and teaching, he shared his passion for drums.
These days, at 25 years old, Zach stays very busy with his band, Milltown Road, and teaching drum lessons. Milltown Road is a cover band/original band, focusing on rock, country, blues, jazz, and funk, from the 60s and 70s through to today. Milltown Road's original music blends a southern rock foundation, with some blues, and country influences. The band gigs multiple times a week, throughout Florida and Georgia.

"Drumming is it's own world. It is a vast, and never ending journey. There is always more to learn, create, and improve on." -Zach Motes

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats,
18" Extreme Crash,
12" Extreme China,
21" Vintage 1964 Crash/Ride,
20" Gospel Crash,
17" FXO 12 Crash
18" Custom Brilliant China

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