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Yalal Yoma

Yalal Yoma

Monos al Aire, Sumaia O, VYP Trio

Yalal Yoma was born on May 6th in 1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started playing drums at 13 and took lessons with a local teacher called Norberto Barcala for 5 years. By the time he finished high school he was already playing in different bands of different styles on music, ranging from jazz-pop to heavy metal. In 2005, he entered CAEMSA (Centro de Altos Estudios Musicales) to enlarge his musical knowledge. There he met Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla (worldwide reknown jazz drummer) who become his drum teacher for several years.
From 2005 to 2007 he was the drummer in Kapel Maister, a popular symphonic metal band that used to open for Stratovarius and Nightwish in their visitis to Buenos Aires. Also during those years he played in Burden Rage, a technical death metal band, doing shows in differents venues.
Since 2006 he has been playing for the Argentinian Singer Sumaia O, touring in various cities in Argentina, recording one EP and planning to release her second full album in 2014
In 2009 he joined Monos al Aire, a rock band with whom he released one full album in 2011, touring around the country, playing in different theaters, bars, radios stations and TV shows. In 2014 their latest album will come out.
He has been teaching drums to elementary and advanced students in his private studio for the last 3 years.
Nowadays he´s playing with Monos al Aire, Sumaia O and VYP, a jazz trio.
Apart from his passion for drumming he enjoys playing the piano as well as composing.

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