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Will Shine

Will Shine

Aditya Rao, Fuller Theological Seminary, George Williamson, Freelance

Will ‘Honey Pockets’ Shine comes from a musical family and was ‘made to play drums’. Will’s dad, a professional guitarist and band leader often joked (hopefully) that the only reason he had a kid was because he needed a drummer he could rely on. All joking aside, Will became that reliable drummer and by age 8 began playing local festivals and talent shows in the San Diego area. Will eventually went on to study music at Point Loma Nazarene University where he developed as a drummer, guitarist, bassist, band leader, and vocalist. Leaving College as a musical Swiss army knife of sorts, Will was frequently recoding and performing his own music as well as sitting in for other artists around Souther California.
In 2011, just after releasing his first solo record Here, There, and Everywhere In Between, Will moved to Hawaii where he served as a music teacher and worship leader on the island of Oahu. Will kept playing and took on numerous students in these years, most of which were aspiring drummers. Will released a second solo offering, Pacific Sessions in 2014. All the while in Hawaii, Will had been sitting in Hawaii-based artists such as Mailani Makainai, Trey Terada, Seumanu brothers, Kyle Furusho, Sammy Johnson, Tenelle, Jordan T, I.A., and Pou Jackson to name a few.
Will moved back to California in 2015 to attend Fuller Theological Seminary. He was immediately was asked to join the All Seminary Chapel Staff where he’s most frequently served as the drummer for weekly chapels that stream online around the world. Will met his wife at Fuller and they currently reside in the LA area.
These days, apart from being an in-demand worship leader and the programming director for the non-profit ‘The Power of Song’, Will is the music director and drummer for both Adi (Aditya Rao) and Corey Ferrugia and does fly-dates with George Williamson/‘Westfall Gold’ events. Amidst all this, he’s currently working on new solo material! You can check Will out on his Instagram @Honey_Pockets.

My Soultone Set: 

10" FXO 5 Splash
21" Natural Crash Ride
9" Gospel Splash
22" Natural Ride
16" Natural Crash
14" Vintage 1964 Patina Hi-Hats
16" Vintage Crash
18" Custom Crash
20" FXO B6 Crash

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