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Vincent DeRosa

Vincent DeRosa

“ Originally from Huntington, West Virginia, Vincent’s earliest exposure to music grew
out of church community and culture. Originally playing guitar for his school’s worship
band, he jumped at the opportunity to jam and learn from his peers, eventually
switching roles and falling in love with the kit. This quickly grew into an obsession with
learning as much as possible from friends, DVDs, and trying to mimic his favorite
records. He quickly dove right into the post-hardcore and alternative music of the early
2000’s, playing school talent shows, youth clubs, and eventually bars around the
midwest. Over the past 10 years, Vincent has been associated with artists such as
Collecting Space, Bureau, Phillip Fox Band, and Great Woods with experience in
touring and recording.
Vincent currently resides in New York City where he is active as a session musician and
playing for his current bands Ghostly Times ( Post-Hardcore / Alternative) and Hillary
Capps ( Pop) “

Personal - @derosadrummer
Ghostly Times (currenty band) - @ghostlytimesmusic
Hillary Capps (current band) - @hillcapps

My Soultone Set: 

8” Gospel Splash
18” Extreme Crash
20” Extreme Crash
21” Custom Ride
14” Custom Hi-Hats
18” FXO 12 Effect Crash