Stan Calvin

Stan Calvin

Stan Calvin was born into a highly musical family in Malaysia, where his father is a noted guitar player alongside his sister, Iris Perrine, a classical singing star and his brother, Jerry Mayall a synthesis. His family owned a band that is called ‘The Little Sparrows’ and it has been a constant influence throughout his journey of music. He began playing an Indian traditional percussion known as “tabla” practically from infancy at the age of four. Eventually Stan traveled around Asia, joining up with his band playing Fusion music collaborating Indian Carnatic music. He has performed for the Jazz Festivals among the Asian countries.

In addition to it, he plays tabla with western drumming, which consists of a unique hybrid East-West drum set up. Stan is also a Christian drummer. He plays actively with a Christian society called Drummer for Christ. Stan is also a visionary composer whose musical adventurousness has led him to ingenious fusions of Indian music with jazz, funk, classical, and ethnic music from all over the world. He also sings, arrange and harmonizes with his band. At the same time, he has joined several singing competitions in Malaysia.

It wasn’t until recently that Stan is discovered by Soultone cymbals and immediately he fell in love with the characteristic and resonance of Soultone cymbals. From that moment on, he knew that he belonged in the Soultone family.

“I would like to thank Jesus Christ and my family for supporting me throughout and Soultone cymbals for giving me this endorsement.

Stan is currently using Soultone cymbals (Gospel series and FXO series)

Thanks Soultone!!! You are off the charts!!