Spencer York

Spencer York

Hi, My name is Spencer York and I'm a 20 year old musician from Mission Viejo, California. I started with music when was about 10 in my 5th grade school band. I wasn't able to tryout for percussion then because my instructors claimed that I lacked experience. The year after that, I snuck on and have been playing ever since. I was trained and taught from age 11 to 14 by Michael T. Ellerby, founder of DCA (Drums Across California). Once high school came around, I marched tenors in a disciplined and successful drum line, having the time of my life. When the time came to quit drum line, I was left with a large amount of time on my hands to play and grow at my own pace. I later discovered that not only was I in love with percussion, my true passion lies in the drum kit. Extremely motivated and eager to expand my abilities independently, I brought drum line chops and technique to the kit.

Musical Influences: Indie Rock, Metalcore, Djent

Favorite Bands: Local Natives, Noah Gundersen, Oceana, Confide (of 07-09), The Contortionist, The Korea

Favorite Drummer : Arin Ilejay (back when he played for confide from 07-09)





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