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Skyler Truth Hoglen

Skyler Truth Hoglen

Drummer and pop punk/alternative folk solo artist, Skyler Truth, is a rising musician having toured the United States, Canada, and Europe with various artists. Skyler Truth, hailing from North Carolina, knew early-on that he wanted music to be a huge part of his life and learned to play the drums, guitar, and sing at a very young age.

Skyler Truth started his solo project, Secret Tree Fort, in April of 2016 symbolizing refuge for the expression of the emotions experienced in life where fans could also find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their journey to self-discovery, heartbreak, ambitions, successes and failures.

In 2017, Skyler Truth toured the US, Canada, and Europe with Social Repose on his Empress Tour. In 2016, Skyler Truth toured with Johnny Guilbert, sharing the stage with Say We Can Fly, Chase Huglin, and Social Repose. Also, in 2016, Skyler Truth toured with My Digital Escape playing drums for all members and providing acoustic sets at select cities.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Custom Crash/Ride
18" Custom Crash
14" Custom Hi Hat Pair
19" Custom Crash