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Simone Mozzato

Simone Mozzato was born in Latina on October 17, 1989. Son of art and music lover, he approached this reality at the age of 8 when he successfully passed the admission tests to the state music conservatory O. Respighi of Latina. In 1999 he specialized in solfeggio and percussion. Growing up, his passion for music increased and in 2008 he began studying drums with love and extreme dedication, with the master Beppe Basile. Born and raised in a purely musical environment, he also cultivates his passion at home, starting to perform with the Mozzato orchestra, where his father and uncle are also present, in a lot of events of the province they lived. From 2015 he began to make his passion into a job by dedicating himself to real projects, one of which led him to participate in the contest "Casa San Remo 2019" with the band "Engage" by winning the competition. Willpower, energy and positivity characterize this artist who, driven by the desire to grow and learn, gets involved again and starts collaborating with different bands with whom he records an EP and several songs in the recording studio. Becoming an "Soultone" artist is hopefully only the beginning of a great journey.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Ride
18" Crash
14" Hi Hats
8" Splash Custom Brilliant

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