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Beyond Forgiveness

Soultone Cymbals are some of the brightest and cleanest cymbals I've played! Great quality, great tone, and aesthetically stunning.
The Mega Bell ride sounds great and punches through everything
Not only does Soultone Cymbals help me sound better, they also increase my exposure with a roster of some of the most talented drummers.

Sean Rogers is a professional American Drummer currently playing with Colorado-based Symphonic Metal band, Beyond Forgiveness.

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO., Sean began playing drums in 1998 at age 11 and received his first drum set a year later. Studying under the renowned drummer and teacher, Bruce Anderson, he quickly picked up the instrument and simultaneously found his passion.

In 2002, he joined his high school Jazz band and soon after started his first Rock/Metal band. He was later recruited into a local Jazz Quartet playing in the Colorado Springs and neighboring Manitou Springs areas. In 2006, Sean joined the local metal band Solanum. Solanum soon broke up but Sean and guitarist Cory Safriet joined with members of another local band created the Celtic/Viking influenced, Melodic Death Metal band, Tribes of Asher. With Tribes, Sean played across the State of Colorado as well as regionally. After recording 2 EP’s and a full length album, the band was signed by the small record label The Horror of… Records (now defunct). When Tribes of Asher disbanded, Sean worked with numerous artists around Colorado, including Boulder-based DJ and Indie musician Chris Caligaris aka Godlazer.

In 2009, Sean and Cory restarted Tribes of Asher with a new line-up and ultimately, a new sound. The new Tribes recorded one EP with producer Bill Douglass who previously working at The Chicago Recording Company. In 2010, Sean alongside singer Michael Swett and Manager Ron Rogers opened up Music Street Tavern, a music venue appealing to all genres of music.

After Music Street Tavern was sold, Sean co-founded the Technical Death Metal band, Plagues of Oppression with former members of Hell’s Eden and Messianic Dissection. During this time, Sean also began playing with renowned Jazz guitarist Jim Jacobs, playing shows and hosting a Blues Jam as well as hosting a series of Blues Jams with the late guitarist, Peter “VC” Espree (formerly of the internationally known group, WES The Power Trio).

Taking a hiatus to focus on school, Sean played limited gigs, including a short stint in the Black/Folk band Ethereal Demise with future band members, Greg Witwer and Richard Marcus. In 2016, he was recruited into Beyond Forgiveness. With Beyond Forgiveness, Sean has toured internationally and recorded two full length albums “The Great Wall” and "Live to Tell the Story", both with Czech Producer Jarik Musil. Both albums quickly received accolades by reviewers and internet radio stations around the world and has been included on a number of “Best of 2017" and "Best of 2019" lists, respectively.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Extreme Mega Bell Ride
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
16" Custom Brilliant Crash
12" Custom Brilliant Splash
8" Custom Brilliant Splash
10" Custom Brilliant Splash
13" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats
18" Custom Brilliant China
16" FXO Effect Crash