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I began my journey with Soultone in mid 2015 and have remained a loyal performer since. Their cymbals are incredibly strong and sound great accompanied to really any style of music. They just seem to have a magic sound that aligns to the music I make. I have a set of Vintage Soultone cymbals that have been through multiple tours, jam sessions, and recording sessions over 5 years time -- and they still don't have a crack or dent on them. I play hard and heavy music, so it really amazes me that they've endured that long - I certainly don't see that with other cymbal companies.
It's also motivating and inspiring to be included on such an incredible roster of drummers. Watch anyone from Chris McBride to the legendary Nick Menza(RIP) - everyone on Soultone brings a different flavor and that continues to push me to explore my own creative language behind the kit."

Sean Cranston is a performer and professional drum instructor for the Albany School of Rock in Upstate NY. He has performed /recorded with: The Further Unsound, Island Animals, Dead-Lift, Cooler Options, and his own independent music. He is also a writer, artist, and multi award winning independent film maker.

Endorsements include::
Soultone Cymbals
Diemond Star Drumsticks

My Soultone Set: 

13" Prototype Natural Hi Hats
18" Prototype Natural Crash
21" Prototype Natural Ride

14” Soultone Vintage High Hats
18” Soultone Vintage Crash
18" Soultone Vintage China
21” Soultone Vintage Ride