Sean Cranston

Sean Cranston

The Further Unsound

Sean is the founding member of The Further Unsound, an ongoing rock music concept started in early 2012 with cofounder/lead guitarist Matt Malone. The three piece outfit released its first self titled EP in November 2013 which can be heard here:
After the departure of their rhythm guitarist Aaron Haggerty in January 2015, the three piece band was down to two. Performing a select few shows as a two piece up until May 2015, the band has recently included long time friend, Cole Riddering on bass. They are gearing up to release their first full length album.

At a very early age, Sean took to the drums after his grandfather bought him a toy kit. Playing hand drums and pots & pans up until his family friend Derek Bisio gave him his first kit when he was 14. Through a variety of working in radio, theater, film, stand up comedy, music videos, and television, Sean has remained a passionate entertainer since graduating high school in 2006.
He currently resides in his native Upstate NY.

Major influences include Abe Cunningham, Mitch Mitchell, Jon Theodore, John Densmore, Jess Margera, Bill Ward, Brad Wilk, Jimmy Chamberlin, Joey Castillo, Thomas Pridgen, Chris Tsagakis, Jose Pasillas, Tim Alexander, & Chris Hrasky.

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