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Robert F. Rodriguez

Robert F. Rodriguez

The Thundering Cats Big Band, Solars Trio, Red State Blues Band, Brothers Bly.

A drum instructor, performer and studio musician in the Midwest. He is known for his energy on stage in addition to his ability to play multiple forms of music. He has had several musical instructors over his twelve year career. Some of which include...

- Joseph Holmquist
- Conrad Hanover
- Tim Cook
- Pete Ellington
- Kurt Gartner
- Wayne Goins
- Jeff Stidham


Robert F. Rodriguez started playing the drumset at the young age of ten. Prior to that he had played on a small snare drum that he had gotten as a birthday present as a child. One year after he had started playing he had been invited to join a Heavy Metal group with his brother Andrew Rodriguez. (Elctrikchair) All though the two had a seven year age difference Robert was starting to get attention from many local musicians around his area. He was considered to be a great rock player even at the age of eleven. A few weeks after his first show Robert had been entered in a drum off at a local venue in Colorado.

Shortly after entering the drum off Robert had taken a solo which lasted about fourteen minutes. At the end of the night they would give the results of who would win the drum off. Robert had been awarded the "Drummer of night." All though he was starting to get a bit of a positive reputation there was still quite a bit of people in the Denver area who were skeptical of his abilities. A few months after entering his first drum off he had entered another drum off for a Battle of the Bands taking place at "Cervantes" in 2003. Robert was again awarded first place for his drumming in him and his brothers metal band. (Elctrikchair.)

Due to their success of playing locally the band had decided to go on their first tour. The line up consisted of Robert, his brother and a Bass player by the name of Eloy Fernandez. They would play New Mexico, Wisconsin and many other areas.

Shortly after the festival the band had received some success and had started taking the road on a regular basis. During this time they would play some of the most well known venues in the country. (CBGB's, Whiskey A Go-Go's ect.)

Eventually he would reach a new height of success with their album "Xenophobia" which hit multiple stores all around the country. They would tour in support of this album for the next year. Shortly after the tour the band decided to spend the next few years recording rather than touring.

"Touring was a lot of fun. In fact, we still do the occasional festival every now and then." - Robert (From an interview done in 2011 for KJHK.)

Since having the time off from touring Robert had decided to try something different in his eyes. He wanted to become a Jazz drummer and not just any Jazz drummer but a great Jazz drummer. Robert had spent some time in the past studying Jazz in his High school. He was even awarded multiple awards at the Baker University Jazz festival in Kansas. Robert decided to start playing Jazz under the direction of Wayne Goins. During this time he would play in Jazz Lab A, Housewreckers Jazz combo, Swing Machine Combo and is currently playing in their top ensemble the "Concert Jazz Ensemble."

Shortly after reaching success with the Jazz program at Kansas State he was invited to join the Thundering Cats Big Band where he would go on to play with various famous musicians including Don Most from Happy Days. Most recently Robert completed a 7 month long tour in which he drummed for Celebrity Cruises on the Equinox. During this time he would play Latin, Jazz, 50's, Broadway and various styles with some of the biggest names in the Cruise industry.

Robert F. Rodriguez has gone on to play in several projects both in studio and live. Some of which include...

- The Thundering Cats Big Band
- R&R Jazz combo (His personal combo put together with his favorite musicians)
- Thundering Cats Jazz combo
- The Antics
- Out of Step
- Hubris
- Wrath of the Fallen
- Deviance
- Illegal Smile
- Madame Groove
- Wayne Goins Combo
- Charlie Roberts
- Brothers Bly
- Celebrity Equinox Jazz Duo
- Celebrity Equinox Jazz Trio
- Celebrity Equinox Jazz Quartet
- Celebrity Equinox Jazz Combo

In addition his previous projects here are some individual musicians that he has shared the stage with.

The Legendary Howard Johnson
Wayne Goins
Gordon Lewis
Grammy award winning singer, Brian Pinkfall
Nate Mclindon
Galen Abdur-Razzaq
Patricia Thomson
Ashlie Amber Harris
December 63
Travis Turpin
Jesse Hamilton
Rodrigo Santic
Sean O' Shea

He is currently a drum-set instructor and teaches around the midwest.

He Endorses

Scorpion Percussion
TreeHouse Drums
Soultone Cymbals
Sweet Spot Clutches
Humes & Berg Drum Co MFG
The Sweet Spots Drum Dampeners
Ninjakick Percussion
Flam Gear
Groov Pad
Wrist Grips

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