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Richie Torres

Richie Torres

Richie Torres has been playing around town for a number of years. His ideal sound and tones come from a handful of vintage drums. He has played with the late great Patsy Montana “Country Queen.” Also, with Big Joe Houston, and one of his most memorable nights accompanied Bo Diddly at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood. As of today, drumming for Jeanette Baker “Miss B.” His latest CD recording “The Superstitions.”

During the many years of performing drums, “I have tried all the top labels of cymbals, but once I discovered Soultone it led me to choose them in creating my signature sound.” The deep dark tones that I discovered in playing Soultone have made me complete in playing my vintage drums. They are as their name speaks, the soul and tones. Just the sound I have been looking for in a cymbal.

- Richie Torres

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