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Phil Wax

@AS WE BECOME GHOSTS, @BEATLE METAL MANIA, @SEBBATH (Tribute to Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne)

Phil Wax is an American drummer born December 18th 1967 in Philadelphia PA. He started playing drums at age 5 and his Uncle got him his first drum kit at age 6. Phil has been working as a professional drummer since 1985 . Throughout the years he's worked as a session drummer , touring drummer., and a local gigging drummer in both , the Philadelphia & Los Angeles circuits . He is currently playing with @Beatle Metal Mania , @As We Become Ghosts (AWBG) , @Sebbath (Ozzy , Black Sabbath tribute) and also works as a hired gun for several other artists.

My Soultone Set: 

18" Extreme China
18" Extreme Crash
18" Explosion Crash
8" Extreme Splash
21" Custom Ride
14" Custom Hi Hats
17" Custom Brilliant Crash
16" FXO 6