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Nathan Rodrigues

Nathan Rodrigues

Nathan Rodrigues was born in Ipatinga, MG.

Nathan's earliest music exposure came from listening to his cousins David, Samuel and Kadu and also from the church music ministry.

From 5 to 8 he study the piano. After some time he gain an appreciation for drums, and right after listening to his friend Reizinho play the song “Gloria” he them decide to play the drums. He had some basic initiation from Reizinho and Julio at church.

At 13 he went to “Tom sobre Tom” were he toke his first drums lessons with Ailton Batera, and engaged at the church music ministry. At 15 study with Daniel “Daninho” and at 17 went to Sagrado Coracoes were he done a full period of professional music with Robson. At 20 start lessons with Dinho Santos.

Beside his church’s projects, he played with many bands and artists like The Blest, Gladios, The Punisher’s, Banda Trinity, Iran Porto, Débora Ildêncio, Rafael Machado, Juliana Aguiar, Maviane dos Santos, Banda Onnírica and many more.

In October, 2012 “Soultone Cymbals” a north America business sign a endorsement agreement with Nathan. Since them he been kipped busy in between giving workshops, recordings, private lessons, studio lessons, and freelance work.


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Hi-Hat 13” Extreme Series

Hi-Hat 14” Extreme Series

Crash 15” Custom Brilliant

Crash 16” Custom Brilliant

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Splash 8” Gospel Series

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Ride 22” Extreme Series

China 15” Extreme Series

China 20” FXO


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