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Mike "Scuzz" Sciulara

Mike "Scuzz" Sciulara

For the past 4 years Mike Sciulara has called the roads, truck stops, and airports all over the world his home. With a tireless work ethic, undeniable passion, intensity and exuberance on and off the kit, Mike has made his face and skills well known all over the world. He has performed with such bands as ENDWELL (Mediaskare Records), This is Hell (Rise Records), First Blood (Bullet Tooth Records), UNEARTH (Metalblade Records), and A Loss For Words (Rise Records). His love for performing and painstaking dedication will keep his schedule growing.

After graduating from Wilkes University (PA), Mike decided that it was time to take a shot at what he loved. He was given the chance in late 2008 to start touring with Queens, New York outfit ENDWELL (Mediaskare Records). Gearing up for their second Mediaskare Records release called Consequences, Mike began his touring career with a full US run, and countless tours to follow. ENDWELL was then asked to break into the Europe/UK circuit in 2009 when they toured with Raised Fist for their “Veil of Ignorance” Record Release tour. It was inevitable that Mike and ENDWELL would be asked back a handful of times in following years.

Downtime is not something that Mike looks forward to. When he is not on tour, he wants to be. His reputation has led bands to look his way when they need someone in a pinch, and someone who is going to deliver with confidence and skill. On two days notice, Mike was asked to fill in for NORCAL Hardcore stalwarts First Blood (Bullet Tooth Records). Driving across the country and learning the set in 48 hrs, Mike delivered for a 32 day Full US run. While ENDWELL geared up for their third release on Mediaskare Records (Consequences), Mike was called to work with fellow Long Islander’s This is Hell (Rise Records) for “Stillborn Fest”. One fest, led to more shows and tours, which resulted in recording their upcoming Rise Records release and a full-time position.

In addition, Metalblade’s UNEARTH needed a fill in for shows on the 2011 Mayhem Festival and called Mike on three hours notice. His performance has strengthened his reputation as a workhorse and proved that no gig is too big, too small or not doable for him. The tail end of 2011 and 2012 are shaping up to be a busier time for Mike with all the bands he has worked with and others come.

To see Mike on tour, please visit the This Is Hell facebook page!