Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz

Jess Smith, The Sweets, Independent

And you thought only humans could play drums.
Canadian Soultone artist, Mike Schwartz walks a fine line between human and animal behind his drums. Let's set the stage. You're with your crew in a small Canadian mountain town, fresh off a long day on the hill and some refreshing beers to kickstart your evening. But you're looking for something more. You suggest to the crew that you all take a walk down town to see what's happening. Searching out the finest establishment the town has to offer, you walk through the dimly lit main street and down around the bend. You pass a wooden lodge, bursting with noise from inside and immediately become intrigued. What could possibly be going on inside? The flickering sign above the door read "Golden Taps" and you get the "go-ahead" nod from the rest of the crew. You decide to step inside.

What happens next is something from Narnia. A far away land. Something so crazy, even the greatest storytellers couldn't come up with this. It was surreal. You pop inside to find the room packed wall to wall with zombies. The undead. They were all turned around and staring through your soul now. You thought, "what happened to the sounds you had heard from outside?" No longer was there a pounding kick drum, grooving bass or body bluesy guitar. No transviolet vocal melody soothing these feverish souls. Just a dance floor filled with the undead. The room starts to close in on you. They were looking for new blood. Then you hear it. The pounding beat of that kick drum. Like autocorrect on your iPhone, the zombies pull back and kick into action. The powerful kick and bass sensation brought the room alive. The dance floor begins to flow with emotion. Relentless now, the animals on stage have gained control of the undead, saved you from sure fire zombie death. The rippin' guitar hooks and soothing vocal melodies compliment the pounding feelof the heartbeat. But there was something more... You try to catch a glimpse of the stage to see what was going on, but your vision is blurred from the blood, sweat and tears of the undead dance floor. You can't quite make it out but from a far you see limbs smashing away from a torso glistening in sweat and an electric purple mohawk thrashing recklessly from behind what appears to be a retro 60's styled Ludwig drum kit. The best to keep the zombies at bay. This was another level animal. Cymbals smashing. Backbeat groovin'. Kick drum booming and in perfect time to fend off the zombie apocalypse. It was all perfect unison. The drums controlled the room. The wild man behind the drums was no man after all. This was a next level animal. This animal was the only thing that could keep the zombies off of your face. You stand, dumbfounded by what had just happened and catch eyes of the purple haired animal beating the off out of the drums. He catches your eye, gives you a nod and you get back to it. Now you're part of the sweat. This was no man.
This was Schwartz. Welcome to the zombie apocalypse.

My Soultone Set: 

22" Vintage Ride, 20" Vintage Crash/Ride, 17" Extreme Crash, 14" Vintage Old School Hats, 10" FXO Splash