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Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Breakaway Patriot

Great music is something Mike Miller has been raised around since he was old enough to remember. As a young child, Mike picked up the drumsticks and started banging away. After being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 5, He knew that he was going to have to work harder than anyone else and prove many people wrong in their expectations of Mike. “Growing up in beautiful Northern California was such a blessing in disguise,” says Miller. “It made me realize that as much as I had against me, there were so many more people that had life much worse.” Through years of constant hard work, and having huge support from a musical family, he started developing his talents more and more with an understanding of music and arrangement. Through music studies and constant practice, he developed his passions more and more. Having first playing in public at the age of 10, Mike realized that he loved playing for crowds and making a great performance. “I went to so many great concerts as a young kid, and what made them great was everyone on stage doing their part,” says Miller. “ As one team, they blew the crowds away. Just seeing their non-selfish performances really sunk in deep and helped me to develop my sense of teamwork.” As Mike grew older, he started writing music, producing bands, and playing in more and more groups. He also started doing session work with many great musicians, and stayed busy in the music scene. Because of all his hard work, Mike received endorsement opportunities from many different companies. After living and performing in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, opportunities started to arise, and continue to arise today. "It is such a difficult business. You need to always find a reason to keep going when you get knocked down. I believe that I have learned to do that at the highest level." After touring with such bands as Overturn, Take Down Tomorrow, Interference, Everything Taken, and many other artists, Mike gained a new work ethic and respect of the many great musicians who have laid the path before him. In the next few years, Mike played with many rock/pop artists from all over. He has made many amazing friends and family in the music industry that have always been eager to encourage him. He practices hours a day as a musician but also as a businessman working hard to let his passions and talents shine through. "As much as people expect me to only know newer artists, my favorites are all from before my time. You look at artists like Tower of Power, Chicago, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Police, Steely Dan, James Brown, and so many other classic groups. I could talk about so many artists for hours. I cant help but love their passion and I realize how much Im influenced by them, even if Im playing a completely different style of music." Mike has been very fortunate to experience so much so early in his life. He credits experiencing the road and being able to experience so many areas around the country for his strength as a performer. He graduated from the Berklee College of Music with his degree in Music Business in 2005. As a person, it is Mikes faith in God that has made him who he is as a person today. As he continues to strive to become a great musician, he still knows that he has to stay grounded in the beliefs and passions that have got him where he is today.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Extreme Hi Hats, 18,19" Extreme Crashes, 21" Extreme Ride