Marco White

Marco White

Marco started to play the drum set at age 12 and had natural ability from the start. He must have played to thousands of records as a teen and then John Bonham with Led Zeppelin took over
his drumming world. He joined his first professional band at 19 right out of High School, this
after losing parts of 2 fingers on his left hand (½ middle and ¼ index) which he overcame as
his current website points out Played in bands throughout the 80’s.
Played gigs as big as Summerfest, opening for the Bellamy Bros. Wisconsin State Fair and more.
Then came the move to Madison,Wi. to take his drumming to a new level a band called ‘Mighty Vumba’ presented a great opportunity.
This 9 piece world music band recorded a CD called ‘Afrockin Rumba’ which gets great reviews.
This band had the whole package, booked solid, merch(T-Shirts etc etc etc) many fans. Great
memories. Then came “Apples and Oranges” a power pop band that mixed originals with
covers and was the “Battle of the Bands” winners in 1995 (UW-Madison Battle of the Bands)
He formed his own instrumental trio called “Hip Pocket” in late 95’ and it just cooked. Covers
by The Meters, Jeff Beck, Miles Davis will give you the idea that this band played at a proficient

He made the pages in Modern Drummer in 1998. “His demo tape displays his grasp of the
fundamentals and nuances of each style he plays. He consistently adds color and character
to the foundation he sets for each song” That’s high praise coming from the worlds #1
drum magazine.

Around 2000 he really began laying the framework for what is now Happy Drumming.
Teaching began taking more of a priority while still playing occasional live gigs with
bands.As a member of the Professional Drum Teachers Guild with endorsements with
Rich Sticks and Soultone Cymbals he also writes for Nature’s Pathways with a
“Holistic Health w/ The Art of Drumming” column. He now books 4 or more Expo’s per year
and books clinics, workshops and teaches online (You Tube and Skype) A lesson with Marco’
is FUN and will leave you feeling great, no matter what level you may be on.

Groove ON !!

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