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Lucas Avellina

Avellina Lucas, born in 1992, began to discover the musical universe with the age of 6 years; touching anything that offered him a sound. Learning came into being, as I listened to various artists such as Maná, GIT, Genesis, Spin Doctors, The Police, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Paralamas, etc.. Imitating every sound and rhythm naturally.

The first real contact with the instrument was in 2000, a year later began studying music at a workshop in Ituzaingó (where he lives), but only knew guide other instruments like the guitar, and piano.

Self-taught, he continued developing its expertise, forming groups of rock, punk, pop with 13 years of age and a first battery Colombo. Among them the first group with friends "Enrike y la Palangana", they played covers of rock nac. Recording demos, playing live and interacting with other musicians, he learned to learn and correct on the technical and material incorporated as its own method until 2010 that he began to study in technical and professional instrument with Martin Visconti.

I am currently teaching classes and private group, in his private studio, and "La Rivera Kultural" cultural center (ONG) - dictating individual clinics, and other artists, and giving live shows-

Musical Projects

Climavicius (funk)

Iris Maple (funk)

Belladona (rock & pop)

Cosmovinilo (experimental)

Clinics experience

- 2011 - First Clinic - Buenos Aires - Ituzaingó - Clinic & Drum-Workshop

"La Rivera Kultural" - August 12 -

- 2011 - Clinic & Drum-Workshop - Buenos Aires - Morón -

"Va de Nuevo - Pub" - September 4

with Ezequiel Bassanelli (Soultone Artist)

- 2011 - Clinic & Drum-Workshop - Buenos Aires - Ituzaingó - October 10

"Música en Zapatillas" - (for school students)

- 2011 - Clinic & Drum-Workshop - Córdoba - November 28

"Cámara de Comercio - Auditorium" -

- 2012 - Clinic & Drum-Workshop - Buenos Aires - Ituzaingó - March 10

"Kairon Music" - music-store -

Shows the most important

Climavicius - Coast tour - 2010 - January 10 / 13 / 15 - (Pinamar Beach)

Belladona - show - "La Trastienda" (Buenos Aires)

- show - "Pepsi Music 2011" GEBA stadium (Buenos Aires) September 28

with "Jarabe de Palo" - "Primal Scream" - "Snow Patrol"


KAIRON MUSIC - music store

DT MUSIC - drumsticks

EVADRUMS - acrylic Drums

POWERKICK - bass hardware

RESEARCH - hard case

SOULTONE - cymbals

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