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Larry Long

Larry Long

Blind Mississippi Morris, Dicky James and the Night Shift and Reverend Robert and Washboard Shorty

Long (Washboard Shorty) is a blues Drummer and Washboard Player: Mr. Long has been playing Drums for over 40 years and as been teaching Drums for over 27 years And studied under Tony Adams to be a Drum Tech. Mr. Long as been endorsed by Attack Drum Heads,St. blues Guitars,Best Stomp Box, Peridore Custom Sticks and Soultone Cymbals. Shorty has shared the stage with blues greats such as Blind Mississippi Morris,Melvin Lee,Brad Webb,Butch Mudbone, Clyde Roulett,Patrick Dodd,Chris Pitts, Chis Stevenson,Robert Tooms,Reverend Robert,Deak Harp,Frank Monteleone,Dicky james,Vick Charles,Mark Cook,Watermelon Slim,Amanda Fish and many others. Shorty also plays on Beale Street at B.B Kings regularly and at the Beale Street Music Festival and plays King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena Arkansas. Shorty has toured all over the country with Blind Mississippi Morris and Reverend Robert places like New York,Boston,Rhode Island,Kansas just to name a few.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Custom Brilliant Ride
14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hat Wave Pair
16" Custom Brilliant Crash
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
12" Custom Brilliant Splash