Kelsey Cook

Kelsey Cook


From Kansas City, MO., 24 year old Kelsey Cook, also known as DrummerGirl – KC, has been drumming for 14 years. Though unlike many other talented musicians, KC didn't grow up with music in her family history; music found her.

As a young girl, KC was always enthusiastic about music when her mother would take her to live country music concerts, with her eyes mainly focused on the drummer. Many years went by as KC discovered she had excellent, speedy hand eye coordination by competing in cup stacking competitions, and became the 'Speed Stacking Champion of Missouri' in the third grade and on! Two years later, with much consistency, she finally got to begin drum lessons and her family was pleasantly surprised.

KC has now accomplished and experienced a great amount in the music world. She has a Percussion Performance Degree from Washburn University, has attended Musicians Institute in L.A., teaches privately and has been involved in teaching summer percussion camps with middle schools/high schools around her home town, along with teaching at Base Academy of Music, a non-profit music organization.
KC also plays percussion/drum set for musicals and is a clinician. (Funky Munky Music - Shawnee, KS. Drum Monkey Percussion - St. Joe, MO. Music Go Round - Columbia, MO.)

Friendly competition has also been something KC has been involved in, by participating in Nelly's all female drumline auditions in 2007, Guitar Center's Drum Offs, and being in the top three of the Hit Like A Girl 2013 competition as the U.S. winner and second runner up.

In the Summer of 2013, KC also auditioned and made a spot on the snare line of the (NFL) Kansas City Chiefs RUMBLE Drumline, performing for several thousands of people before and during the big games! In 2014 she became a member of 'Sticks of Thunder' and 'Industrial Rhythm!' - two drum/percussion based groups that perform for all kinds of events all over the world!

Her current/past projects include: Appleline, Katy Guillen, The Depth and The Whisper, Red Velvet Crush, Project Mayhem, Killer Coyotes, VISITOR and Tyson Leslie and The Scarlet Letters. These bands include genres from Alternative Rock, Blues, Funk, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Jazz, Country, Indie and Pop. KC is also educated in Latin, Reggae, EDM, Marching, Orchestral, Mallet and Hand Percussion, etc. She has also experienced Bucket Drumming on the streets of New York, New Orleans and her home town in KC! She considers herself an independent drummer and is always looking for more projects to grow as a musician. KC is extremely thankful to currently endorse Soultone Cymbals, Mapex Drums, The Carmichael Throne, Kickport, and DREAMEARZ!

We asked Kelsey, “Why do you play the drums/percussion?”

"The art of drumming absolutely fascinates me, and I have found that the performance aspect of it is my absolute passion. I also love teaching 'outside the box' concepts with drumming to inspire others in multiple, useful ways. In both performing and teaching, I enjoy being an open entity for anyone to analyze however they please to receive something for themselves and pass it on. Drumming is an outlet for me to alleviate the stress of every day obstacles and have the confidence to face them later. It puts me in a different world -- a world of my own. I enjoy friendly competition, but I really just try to beat my own personal records from day to day. Playing and learning with others motivates me more than anything, and the interaction between people with music is something I feel is a gift to us all. I found my hidden drumming talent, took it on full force, and am on a journey to give the gift of music and spread all of the amazing things that can come from it. I want to continue living by example with these concepts and inspire others to do the same. In conclusion, with my passion for music, drive for success, hunger for knowledge and the will to keep giving, I hope to reach my goals while growing and connecting with more people in all ways positive." -DGKC

My Soultone Set: 

8'' Gospel Splash
14'' Gospel China
14'' Custom Brilliant HH
16'' Custom Brilliant Crash
18'' Extreme Crash
18'' Extreme China
20'' Custom Brilliant Ride

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