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Julius Heline

Julius Heline

I’m Julius Heline, I’m 16 years old from Virginia. I have been playing drums now for 13 years. The past 2 years me and my friend Josiah have been jamming and made a band called Pinnacle of Fury, which is a metal band. I predominantly play Metalcore, Deathcore, Progressive, Rock and Classic Rock, along with R&B, Country and Blues. My dream is to become the best person and drummer I can become. I wish to eventually tour the world pouring my heart and soul into drums and music which is my passion.

Instagram- juliusheline13; Pinnacle of Fury
Facebook- Julius Heline; Pinnacle of Fury
Twitter- Julius Heline; Pinnacle of Fury Band

My Soultone Set: 

6" Custom Splash
NOA Cymbal Pack