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Julio Gaxiola

Julio Gaxiola

Julio was born in Navojoa, Sonora on September 8th in 1995.
He started playing drums and piano at the age of 13, he formed a few bands with his friends so he was related with music since he was young.
At the age of 18 he moved to Mexico City to begin his career as an audio engineer, producer and musician.
There, along his roommate decided to form a new band called “Cuarto Seis”, they were acclaimed by the public. Julio has been part of Cuarto Seis since the beginning of the project and part of their first recording material “O Algo Peor” Produced in Animalito Records. Cuarto Seis has played in important places of Mexico City as Caradura and Pasagüero, they have also performed in several parts of the Mexican Republic such as Chiapas & Monterrey.

He is also a drummer on the project of his friend Moises Salgado.

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