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Juan Pablo Cutrera

Juan Pablo Cutrera

Juan Pablo Cutrera was born in La Plata, capital of Buenos Aires Province (Argentina) on the 14th June, 1982. Since early age, he was drawn by music, listening to his father play the guitar together with some friends. At the age of 13 he had his first failed attempt in playing the guitar, but after two or three months he quitted due to the lack of patience at that time. One day, listening to music, the only thing that gave him mental peace, he decided to give drums a chance, he was 16 at that time. He bought his first small kit that needed to be repaired; he fixed it and started to take classes with Juan Cruz Martinez (local professor that studied in “Escuela de Música Contemporánea” – EMC). He continued with him for four years, gathering notions on technique and styles such as Rock, Pop and Funk.

Later on, he decided to move to Buenos Aires to look for knowledge of very prestigious professionals: with Carlos Riganti (legendary professor of the best drummers in Argentina such as Sebastián Peycere, Charly Alberty) studied for a year. Then, took classes for five years with Fernando Martinez (that got his degree at Berklee School Of Music in Boston and played alongside many great musicians in USA where he lived for 13 years) while attending classes at the EMC, taking courses on harmony and audio-perspective, among other aspects of music. Unfortunately, Argentina entered a big financial crisis at that time, forcing him to quit his studies at that school after three years of training.

At that time, Juan had entered the local circuit of La Plata, playing mainly Pop and Rock. While studying in the EMC, he met Mauro Lazzaro, who took him to record the drums of 5 tracks of the soundtrack for the movie “Luca Vive” from the director Jorge Coscia (currently Cultural Secretary of Nation). Around 2002 he became part of the band “Vertigo”, tribute to the musician Ismael Serrano, well-renown Spanish musician, in which he stayed for four years. Simultaneously, he started to explore Brazilian music and also became part of “Sonar”, a band of Rock Folk Fusion influenced by Dave Mathews Band, with which he is still playing and have just edited its first official record “Reverso del Agua”.

Having almost mastered Brazilian music, he became part of the band “Manda Cairi” with which he released an album. After certain problems among the members, the band disintegrated, but the chemistry with some members of the band made them stay in touch and formed in 2011 “Veja Mais”, band of contemporary Brazilian music dedicated to perform the most interesting pieces of great contemporary authors from Brazil, but introducing to them their own ideas and arrangements. They make performances monthly. Alongside, many jobs as replacement for main drummers in professional means, entertainment shows and private parties appeared.

In 2006, without having it in mind, he met the “drum & bass” style and the electronic music, changing his life immediately. From then on, his efforts were put on simulating the beats of machines with a conventional drum, creating in that way his life project “Minimal Beats”, that is currently undergoing certain changes in composition, but is still dedicated to create electronic music with acoustic instruments.

Since 2011, he continues his studies with Mariano “Tiki” Cantero, percussionist and drummer of the “Bomba de Tiempo”, the singer Liliana Herrero, the trio “Aca Seca” and former “De la Guarda”.