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Josh Roscoe

Josh Roscoe

Josh is a UK based drummer from Liverpool and son of bassist Damian Roscoe (China Crisis, Great and Lady Soul). Josh started playing drums at 14 and quickly fell in love with the instrument. Self-taught at first, he began taking lessons at 16 with his first teacher Phil Clarke.

After graduating college in 2009, he enrolled at The University of Westminster in London to study Commercial Music Performance. It was here, he learned from great teachers including drummer Peter Huntington, arranger Steve Beresford and composer Hussein Boon.

Josh regularly performs live across the UK with various bands and artists including The Umbrella Parade, Jazz Mino and The Brothers Grimm. He’s currently writing music for a debut album with his father.

- “I’m thrilled to endorse and play Soultone Cymbals. They’re beautiful sounding cymbals and incredibly versatile, I play many styles of music and they work with everything I do. I’ve had nothing but compliments from other drummers about my cymbal sound since using Soultone. A big thanks to Iki Levy and the Soultone team.”
Josh Roscoe, 2017.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Hi-Hats,
18" Custom crash,
20" Vintage Ride.