Jean Paul Lemos

Jean Paul Lemos

Rey Morales,Brooke Eden,Kerrie Roberts,Christ Fellowship Church,ArrowTide

Having 14 years of experience, Jean Paul is notable a skilled and versatile drummer and is well known in South Florida’s music community. He comes with a wealth of performance and recording background.Jean Paul has played at the Kravis Center, Cruzan Amphitheatre, Hard Rock Casino and many more. He is currently a lead drummer at Christ Fellowship Church and Drummer for country artist Brooke Eden,Christian Pop Artist Kerrie Roberts and latin artist Rey Morales,in addition to being a drum instructor and professional Live/studio artist.

My Soultone Set: 

22'' Natural Prototype Ride
22'' Vintage Old School 1964 Ride
21'' Custom Brilliant RA Ride
21'' Vintage Old School 1964 Crash
20'' Vintage Old School 1964 Crash
19'' Extreme Crash
17'' Latin Crash
16'' Extreme Hi-Hats