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Howard Farren-Bradley

Howard Farren-Bradley

Born in London, Howard is young drummer who is developing his career after studying at the British Academy of New Music in London. He is currently working with his new band Burning indifference and Howard has been recording in his recording studio Fire Exit studio in Norfolk with Burning Indifference who has released a CD. He also plays with The Music Praise and Worship, a worship band which serves a group of rural churches in his area. In his previous bands he has played at venues such as the Bull and Gate in Camden and Bridgehouse II. In the last three years Howard has worked with Megadeath’s producer Michael Lattanzi and is working with new artist called Max. He has also played two drum clinics for charity.

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My Soultone Set: 

Hi hate
10" extreme
13" gospel
14" custom brilliant
14" Latin
14" custom series

10" vintage
8" vintage
10" gospel
8" extreme
12" gospel

22" custom brilliant
20" gospel
20" natural series

16" custom brilliant
18" custom brilliant
16" gospel
18" gospel
17" extreme
16" hexagon
16" fxo 12
16" natural series

16" extreme
16" fxo 6
20" natural series
20" custom series

10" gospel splash under a
10" custom series China