Guerin "GSmoove" Williams

Guerin "GSmoove" Williams

Guerin Williams was born on March 31, 1987, to Jerome and Mirranda Williams in Austin, Texas. When he was two years old, His family moved to Ft. Worth, Texas, where his father took a position with the Air Force Reserves at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Carswell.

It was in Ft. Worth that Guerin’s musical journey began; he and his extended family were very close which meant many family gatherings and any excuse to get together and chill. There was always good music playing at EVERY family gathering! So, from a young age, the music from bands like Earth Wind and Fire, the Commodores, Brick, Al Green, the Ohio Players, Prince, Frankie Beverly and Maze, the Gap Band, Cameo, Michael Jackson (RIP), and far too many others to name, was always playing. Guerin didn’t just hear music, he actually listened to the music.

One day, Guerin’s father took him to Mr. E’s. He sat down behind a drumset for the first time and played the opening statement of the Commodores’ “Brick House”, and it was clear that he was blessed with natural musical talent. He received his first “toy” drumset at the age of 8 at a surprise birthday party and “it was ON!

Guerin beat up his first drumset within a year and while his parents had to save up the money to buy him another one, that did not stop him from keeping music close to his heart. He was a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas for a while, and was always watching the drummer there. Guerin started listening to gospel artists like Fred Hammond, Jon P. Kee, Donny McKlurkin, Marvin Sapp, and countless others when he was riding in the car with his mother. This music gave him even more reason to play drums, but he began to develop a spiritual connection with music that he had never felt before! He would secretly sing in the car at a volume that nobody could hear. The Holy Spirit truly captured Guerin’s heart through Music. When people listen to Guerin play they ask, “So did you grow up playing gospel licks in church?” He tells them, “No not at all! Actually, I grew up listening to gospel and funk but didn’t start playing it until the 7th grade; and that was just in my room with headphones on!”

Guerin joined band in 7th grade at H.F. Stevens Middle School and played through 8th grade. He also played football during that time but did not have a passion for it like he did music. In 8th grade he went to PASIC in Dallas for the first time and watched the Crowley High School Drumline perform, and his decision was made; Guerin then joined the Crowley High School drumline in 2001 and performed at PASIC in Nashville for the first time. In 2004, Guerin went to PASIC with his father and watched Tommy Igoe perform at a clinic. By his Junior year in high school he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to music.

Guerin finished high school and began attending Tarrant County College (TCC). During this time, he also played in the drumline at TCU while trying to figure out which college best suited his taste and what kind of music degree he wanted to pursue. After two years at TCC, he was accepted into the Music Education Program at TCU. He was pushed to perform just as much as a performance major and overcame his worst fear (the marimba) and ended up loving the instrument. Guerin was consumed by big band and small group music while at TCU. He played in the jazz band under the direction of Joey Carter and was later awarded a scholarship and moved to Curt Wilson’s Jazz Ensemble. Guerin and his classmates made history when they were the first American collegiate group to visit Cuba again and perform in the Havanna International Jazz Festival. He performed on the 2006 PASIC champion drumline and also in the 2008 PASIC drumline and played with TCU Percussion Orchestra in their 2008 Call for Tapes showcase. Guerin played two recitals at TCU and at the end of his Senior recital he proposed to his beautiful wife, Shelby Williams. After he graduated in May of 2011 with his BME, he and Shelby were married on June 11, 2011, in a beautiful ceremony.

Marrying Shelby and getting his degree from TCU are, by far, his highest accolades but playing in the international Jazz Festival in Havanna Cuba and his Soultone endorsement are EXTREMELY important to him as well. Guerin has now dedicated his life to ministry through music and plays in the Christian rock band, Don’t Wake Aislin, as well as with many other musicians in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area. He teaches private lessons at Mckinney Boyd High School and three middle schools in the area. Find him on twitter @gsmoove2k11 and on his band’s page