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Geoffry Hochstetler

Well let's start with my name is Geoffry Hochstetler and I play drums for a Christian progressive metal band called All Seems Lost. I started playing drums at the age of 10 which was inspired by my father and brother who had started playing guitar my father was playing drums at the time as well and I wanted in on it. It looked fun and I was hooked so growing up over the years writing was natural due to the same inspirations. After years of playing on my fathers it I got my own rough ran down kit and over time kept upgrading and exploring all the endless companies and just being intrigued by the sounds shapes and sizes of everything. There's just something about being behind a kit that helps the body and mind. Not a day goes by that I'm not driven I strive to be better see the endless amount of opportunities the world can offer and what I can bring with God in my bandmates and others along the way the opportunities are endless and I couldn't ask for more. And to be apart of soultone is just a blessing and look forward to what the future holds!

Instagram @allseemslost
Instagram @geoffseemslost


My Soultone Set: 

Explosion 14” hi hats
Gospel 19” crash
Explosion 19” crash
Explosion 13” china
Explosion 18” china