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Gene R. Singleton Jr. (GRSJR)

Gene R. Singleton Jr. (GRSJR)

Gene R. Singleton Jr. (GRSJR) a Savannah, Georgia native is living out his life and musical journey in Denver, Colorado. His thrill for creating led him to move west where he recorded 4 consecutive albums and brought lots of mountain joy with The Well Beings 9-piece funk band. Gene’s first instrument is drums and having that inner rhythm and ear developed since a child helped him to understand woodwind and brass instruments. Gene finds joy in manipulating grooves and bending time signatures to further express his love of jazz and improv. Among the 4 albums recorded in Colorado, Gene uses his talents to self record and perform across 16 instruments. Gene has an explosive energy that he feels music positively channels and with that he helps to make a point to practice, pass down lessons to those interested, get involved in local festivals, and be in tune with your inner self. His vision for art combines dance, groove and video to showcase his expression/passion and God given talent. As a believer in Jesus Christ, Gene has always felt the interactions he comes by through music have happened in part for a reason, continually changing his perception on life allowing him to delve deeper into the transparency and vulnerability in composition. There is a freedom that comes with being inside the music and that feeling of oneness is that which he tries to embody in every instrument he touches.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Natural Hi Hats
15" FXO 12 Effect Crash
10" Gospel Splash
20" Natural Crash
12" Extreme Splash
18" Heavy Hammered Crash
21" Natural Ride

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