Gautam Deb

Gautam Deb


A Mumbai based session drummer, Gautam deb has been playing since 10 years and is self taught. He has a varied but distinct playing style, incorporating everything from simple straightforward grooves to blistering double bass to heavily syncopated poly-rhythms.

He has experience in genres ranging from Fusion to Blues to Electro rock to Metal and Bollywood. Currently he sessions and plays for Anushka Manchanda, Aswekeepsearching, Noiseware,USP, The Collective, Ujjawal Bhandari, Locomotives, Reverrse Polarity and Livewire.

His past session projects include The Siddharth Basrur band,Ravi Iyer & 2blue, Pinnochio's Moment of Clarity,Jasraj Joshi,Swastika, Symphony Novel, Grasshopper and Patchwork, Ashwamedh, Vegamassive, Travel Hymn,Blend No 3220. Apart from the above mentioned bands, he has done sessions for the Indian metal giants, Bhayanak maut. He is a popular drummer in the local circuit.He has played at various festivals like The Lost party, Soul Sante, GIR, nh7 weekender, Channel V India Fest, Mood-Indigo and Ragasthan.

The highlight of his career is him winning the 'Best Drummer' at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2014. His band,Noiseware has been on numerous tours across nation playing at various festivals The band had also opened acts like Porcupine Tree, Meshuggah, Teserract and has gone ahead in establishing itself as one of the leading metal bands in India.The band released its debut EP titled ‘Wakeup and Soar’ in July 2011. The track ‘23’, which was a part of the EP won the ‘Song Of The Year 2011’ (Critics’ Choice) award at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards ceremony in 2011.His other project Reverrse Polarity released their self titled debut album and also got nominated for 'Best Metal band' at JD rock awards 2014.

His another band Aswekeepsearching released their debut album Khwaab and toured Russia and India to promote the same.

My Soultone Set: 

14’’ China Custom Brilliant RA
18’’ Crash Ride Custom Brilliant RA
17’’ Crash FXO 6
9’’ Splash Custom Brilliant RA
10’’ Splash FXO
16’’ Custom brilliant RA China prototype
18’’ Heavy Hammered crash
14’’Natural prototype Hi Hats
21’’Natural Prototype Crash/Ride
12'' splash FXO
17" Gospel China
13'' Custom Hats


Thu 26

Won the 'Best Drummer' Award at the 'Rolling Stones Metal Award' 2014
@Blue frog Mumbai,India

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