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Elodie Longuemart

Elodie Longuemart

The Sexopath /// M.A.N and more

Elodie Longuemart was born in 1985 in Carcassonne south of France. She started playing drums at
the age of 14, few years later she formed her first all girls band « Skaemp ». They started playing in
the locale scene. Her influences were John Bonham, Carmine Appice, Bill Ward and many more.
She then formed her own band «Virus in Venus» and started playing her own compositions in
bigger shows like the festival of Carcassonne in 2007. The same year Elodie joined the Agostini
school of drumming, and as student was integrated in « Alibaba and the 40 drummers » a school
project that has a few big shows every year all over France (Odyssud, La Halle aux Grains, le
Bascala, Le Casino de Paris, Stade de France).
While studing drums and working on the side, she started playing in professional bands like « The
Sexopath »(punk/R'n'R /noise/hard core) and also a street marching brass band « The Wonder Brass
Band » . While touring with these bands, she also had a few side projects like « Upstroke Trio »(a
Jazz Standard band) and « Made in Iron » an iron Maiden cover band.
Elodie actually plays drums with « Crazy Pug » a country music cover band that plays for Country
music festivals, and shows organised by line dancing clubs all around France and abroad. Crazy pug
has over 60 gigs a year all throught France.
The Sexopath released their first album in 2015 and are currently about to release a six track EP.
Elodie is also working as a session musicien for Trip-hop artist M.A.N (Marina Anne Nolles), from
her home town Carcassonne, and is also currently teaching drums in the Agostini drumming school
of Toulouse.

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