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Eli Andrade

Eli Andrade

The Michael Cain Experience

Eli Andrade was born in Woodland Hills, California showing an interest in drumming at an early age when his father, who was also a drummer, first showed him The Beatles. After hearing more from The Beatles, Eli quickly became fascinated with the drums but more so by Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. At the age of 5, his parents bought him his first beginner drum kit which Eli would play on day and night. Always playing the drums to classic Beatles songs, Eli wanted to be Ringo Starr and create a legacy just like him. As time went on, Eli discovered more music being inspired and influenced by bands like, Led Zeppelin, Queen, KISS, Rush, The Doors, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and many more. Today, Eli Andrade plays with his group, The Michael Cain Experience, always trying to emulate the sound, rhythm and technique of his heroes, hoping that one day, kids around the world will be inspired by him to pick up a pair of drum sticks and become the next great musician.

My Soultone Set: 

14 Inch Abby Hi Hat
20 Inch Abby Ride Cymbal
16 Inch Abby Crash Cymbal
16 Inch Custom Brilliant Crash Cymbal
21 Inch Custom Series Ride Cymbal
18 Inch Custom Brilliant Crash Cymbal
12 Inch Custom Brilliant China Crash Cymbal
16 Inch Custom Brilliant China Crash Cymbal
14 Inch Custom Series China Crash Cymbal
13 Inch Custom Brilliant Crash Cymbal
8 Inch Custom Brilliant Splash Cymbal